What is
Animoto makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality videos with their pictures and video clips within minutes. School teachers use Animoto for education in video slideshow making. Thanks to Animoto simplicity, in 5 minutes kids get awesome online video production experience.

How can we use in teaching and learning??

Animoto is one of simple photo to video makers; here’s a full list of slideshow makers. In fact, Animoto converts your images, media, and music into a video file. Follow these steps to create an Animoto video:

  1. Log into Animoto account. All students can login into their account simultaneously. Their accounts are independent.
  2. Select a template or style as it’s called in the web app.
  3. Add photos from Animoto collection, or from school PC, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  4. Arrange images by drag and drop.
  5. Add a music track from Animoto library.
  6. Finalize your video and wait a few moments while it’s being rendered.
  7. Download video onto computer, upload to YouTube, or embed on your school website.

Personally, I have tried out Animoto and it’s super easy to use! Here is the outcome: