What is
Blendspace is a teaching tool that allows teachers and students to create lessons made of digital resources. Basically, users have the power to curate resources from across the web, through the cloud, and specifically through such resources as Dropbox, Google Drive, Gooru, Educreations, and more.

How can we use in teaching and learning??

Flip Your Classroom
Blendspace can be used to create a lesson using the TES Resources tab, then shared with students through their class account or through a direct link. Regardless of how the lesson is shared, students have access to many resources and can learn asynchronously outside of the classroom, on their own schedule, using whatever device they choose.

Present Student Work In Class
Blendspace is a way to avoid fumbling with flash drives, losing valuable class time opening emails and attachments.  All of the student projects can be added by their URL or uploaded into one lesson, given it a title, and in class, only one lesson has to be opened to display the student work for the class to enjoy.

Build A Lesson
Building a lesson for any level or discipline is easy with Blendspace. Simply choose your topic and by using the TES Resource tools provided such as Google Search, Educreations, Google Drive, Dropbox, uploads from your computer, and more, you can quickly build a lesson.  All it takes is finding the resource and dragging it into place in your lesson.

Check out my Blendspace presentation that i did on Tenses: